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Take a great pad Thai execution at a very fair price and wrap the whole thing in a thin, fried-egg purse, slit neatly on the top and folded back into triangular flaps, and you've got the Pad Thai Ho Kai.  more

​​Arharn thai

Matthew schniper


SINCE 2009

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From 2014 Bites: 50 essential bites




Pad Thai Woon Sen at Arharn Thai

Here's a superstar plate for the gluten-free crowd, still a treat to non-restricted eaters. Rather than the wide rice noodles you're used to on standard Pad Thai, the Woon Sen is built on a base of thin "bean thread" noodles. more

Five years in, Arharn Thai brings the bliss

There are many days when I'm convinced that Thai cuisine tops all others, and exists not just to feed, but to induce true happiness. And on those days I'm grateful for Arharn Thai. The fresh, clean, bright, modern, affordable eatery fulfills not only a general craving for curries, noodles, heavy coconut-milk sauces and crunchy salads, but also consistently delivers better-than versions of beloved staples, plus items that remain unique to its menu, locally. more